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You are not alone...

Having an eating disorder or caring for a loved one in recovery, can be overwhelming.

It may feel like the disorder is getting stronger and new behaviors form day after day.

It is common to feel isolated, alone and that there are no real solutions to this growing problem. You may have thoughts like  “No one understands what this is like,” or “ Will I/they ever get better?”  

These are common experiences and I want you to know, you are not alone. There are solutions to these life threatening behaviors.

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Freedom from “ED”

Full recovery is possible!

Using evidence-based treatment, I have helped countless families and clients find freedom from their eating disorder.

I will teach you tangible skills and tools that are scientifically proven to decrease eating disorder behaviors, depression and anxiety.

It is possible to restore your relationship with yourself and food.

With over 10 years of experience in treating mental health challenges, I am confident I can help you achieve the life you want and deserve.

Danielle Gordon, MS, LMFT

Meet Danielle Gordon, MS, LMFT!

I have worked in mental health for over 10 years and 8 of those years I have focused on treating eating disorders.

Before going into private practice, I worked for the UC San Diego Eating Disorders Center for Treatment and Research where I received evidence-based training using CBT, DBT and FBT, the gold standard in eating disorder care!

I am a mom of two and understand the deep love parents have for their children and the desire to give them the best care.

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